Today the school building and infrastructure are in serious neglect and  a number of critical needs are not being met

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QC students continue to consistently excel at every level despite the lack of basic supplies and resources

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Alumni chapters remain involved by  providing community support and resources but much more is needed

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How it all got started.....

This is the first Queen’s College Magazine to be issued in an independent Guyana. Our boys must therefore think as members of a free and independent community. No longer will they be able to criticise their colonial masters or lay the blame for every ill at their door. From now on their own Guyanese compatriots must shoulder the responsibility both for praise and blame

Any publication is only as good as the truth it contains. Truth is the foundation stone of life. Where there is truth there is justice, and Q.C. stands firmly on the twin pillars of truth and justice. Veritas vincit says the Latin and let that be the motto of this and all future issues of the magazine.

Accuracy (which is another word for truth) is the hall-mark of good reporting. If a report lacks accuracy, if a report is distorted whether from malice or from ignorance, then it is useless. Criticism must point our faults and suggest remedies for such faults. Merely to find fault is a characteristic of the ignorant; to find fault and to suggest means whereby such faults can be remedied is the characteristic of the wise. Education in its broadest sense should inculcate wisdom. At Q.C. we strive after a broad education and if we succeed we shall expect our boys to show wisdom.